I always loved the animals since my childhood, but unfortunately I got my first dog only later on. In 1971 I was at the first dog show in my life as a young boy in Budapest. After that I decided to start breeding dogs if I have the opportunity. The first dog I had was a middle-schnauzer and from 1988 I have chow-chows. According to what I had heard about the chows I thought it was a challenge to start breeding this dog. Realized that they are so calm, clean and faithfull to their owners, I became devoted to them.
Fortunately I had the chance to get dogs from great bloodlines and they reach success. Then I met my ’second love’, the Mops. You cannot resist them with their talkative eyes.  You can find great family dogs among them.
It is very important for me to breed dogs not only with unexceptioneble appearance but with good nerves to the new owners’ satisfaction.
I’ve bred a lot of Champions, BIS-s,ICH-s, Club Champions.
I hope that I will be able to keep on breeding with similar success.

Thank you for visiting my homepage, I hope you enjoy it.